Pretty leaves #Impressionism #paint #leaves #Autumn

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Opera house~ #vivid #sydney #operahouse

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Dessert :) #cake #cream

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Happy Easter Everyone~ ^_^ #easter #chocolate #yum

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Korean BBQ 😊

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🎄In the Christmas spirit🎄

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Yep this is what I do before exams 😃

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Happy Halloween Everyone! >:)

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"The rukh around you are all pink, Hakuryuu! They’re all bubbly with excitement."

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even if it’s temporary, all I want to be is beautiful.

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My baby(English) by PvElephant

This actually made me cry a little

It got so out of hand that someone had to make a comic to express what they’ve been trying to express in words countless of times. Please don’t do such things to works before receiving the author’s permission.


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League of Legends - Lulu 2 by ~mandykodama